Our most popular window treatment! At Window Décor, we have an amazing selection of interior shutters; designed to give your home or business the style and functionality it needs. From name brands like Hunter Douglas, Eclipse, and Norman Shutters comes quality, durability, and style like you’ve never seen before!

Our interior shutters can help control the flow of light, provide the right amount of privacy for you and your loved ones, and create a unique look for any type of space. Our decorators will explain in detail your numerous options, color, louver size, frame styles, configurations, etc. There isn't a question you can ask that our professionals can't answer.

Please see a small sample of our interior shutter inventory below:  

Poly-Resin by Eclipse Shutter: Poly-Resin shutters by Eclipse make the perfect accent for any windows in the house. They are durable, fire-retardant, color-fast, washable, and completely waterproof as well. They come in 3 colors, have multi-frame styles, and work for all types of applications.

Palm Beach Poly-Satin® Shutters from Hunter Douglas: These plantation-style shutters are made from a polysatin material that reflects strong UV rays and keeps your home cool. They are guaranteed never to warp, fade, chip, peel, crack, or discolor regardless of extreme heat or moisture.

Norman Hardwood Shutters: Norman hardwood shutters can be formed into virtually any specialty shape to accommodate any window or door style. They come in custom colors and stains (white is the most popular), and they are all installed by our in-house experts.

Wood Composite Shutters: The perfect hybrid between vinyl and hardwood. Our wood composite shutters are among our most popular because they have some of the best customization options. They come in 5 colors, can also be formed into specialty shapes, have multi-frame styles, and have various sizes of louvres.

We sell only the highest quality of shutters on the market today.  All varieties come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and are serviced by Window Décor.  

For more information about Window Décor, or to schedule your customized shutter consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 941-483-3344.