Soft Window Fashions

With Window Décor, Inc at your side, you can custom-design your entire interior with the industry’s best soft window fashions. We are western Florida’s premier supplier of draperies, cornices, valances, and more. Our ASID-certified designer can work with you, on-site, to find the perfect style, fabrics, and measurements and give you a look that’s all your own.

How custom is our work? We have more than 50,000 fabrics to choose from and a 2500sq.ft. showroom to display today's most fashionable styles! And, because of our ability to provide unique style combinations for any type of interior decor, your choices are absolutely endless.

Take a look at some of our exclusive Window Décor, Inc. offerings below to see what we mean:

Draperies: Draperies make an elegant addition to any window and can really complete a room. In our local emporium, we have thousands of fabrics to choose from and a variety of draperies styles (box pleat, ripple folds, grommet, etc) to match your tastes and preferences.

Valances: A valance gives a room that important artistic expression that paint and portraits just cannot. Placed on at the top of sliding glass doors-elegantly accentuating the draperies or as a stand alone statement-a valance can be any style, color, or pattern you can dream of.

Cornices: Sometimes, only a more exotic and extravagant soft window treatment will do. Enter the cornice! This traditional look adorns the top of windows, can be made of various types of wood or fabric, and will be completely customized to your order specifics.   

Accents:  For a truly unique look, we also offer custom pillows, table runners, place mats and complete bedding ensembles.

For more information about Window Décor, or to schedule your customized soft fashions consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 941-483-3344.